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Grass!365 Denver is a construction and design firm serving the landscaping, recreation, and golf industries. We build backyard putting greens, artificial lawn systems, recreational play areas, and synthetic turf in Denver, Colorado. We serve Arvada, Littleton, Highlands Ranch, Aurora, Lone Tree, Parker, Stonegate, Lakewood, Edgewater, Golden, Morrison, Wheatridge, Sedalia, Castle Pines, Castle Rock, Monument, Colorado Springs, Fountain, and Southern Colorado.

Grass!365 Denver stands out in our installation of Sand-Filled Synthetic Grass Surfaces. We offer a premier installation process from our 4-6 inch top-notch base to a premier artificial grass that is ONLY offered by Grass!365. Our landscaping solution offers a superior drainage system. Our partners including parents, grandparents, and pet owners can finally feel relief from the struggles of discolored lawns, unusable areas, and the ongoing expense of upkeep.

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Our artificial grass has a completely permeable bottom side (no holes punched). This allows for a superior drainage rate, but most importantly, allows for zero water/urine retention. Thus, you will never have to rinse the turf off or even worse, use a deodorizer. In our opinion, there really is not a better pet artificial turf that exists!
We are proud to provide artificial grass solutions to all of Colorado, including Denver, Littleton, Highlands Ranch, Parker, Aurora, Arvada, Sloan’s Lake, Sunnyside, Lo-Hi, Ken Caryl, Wheat Ridge, Columbine, Centennial, Castle Pines, Castle Rock, Monument, and Colorado Springs. Our landscaping solutions make lives easier. We are thrilled to be able to share this with the Colorado community. We look forward to working with you.


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    artificial grass installation

    Residential Projects

    Artificial Grass has evolved since the days of green carpet pasted on concrete. Today, our artificial turf is durable and recyclable. The process of turf installation is complex and requires a rock and sand base, along with sand-filled turf. Today’s yarns do not shine like the days of old, and they even incorporate a brown thatch yarn below the green yarn to make it look like real grass.

    If you are looking to landscape your front yard with synthetic grass, then you have to go with the best turf in the business – Grass!365. We maintain the highest industry standards in synthetic lawn product quality and installation expertise, which gives YOU an amazing yard. We’re confident that your neighbors won’t even know it’s not real grass. And don’t forget, our front yard turf doesn’t require any water and it is incredibly durable and lasts for years to come. You will wonder why you haven’t done this before. We specialize in the following:

    • Backyard Lawns
    • Backyard Putting Greens
    • Front Yards
    • Play Areas
    • Pet-Friendly Turf Yards
    • Croquet Courts
    • Bocce Ball Courts

    Commercial Projects

    Grass!365 enhances the beauty and creates useful spaces in all types of facilities. We provide your customers and students with unique experiences through our vast array of artificial grass in Denver. Each is engineered, designed, and installed for its particular use on your commercial property. With over 20 years of experience, we have installed our products in hundreds of commercial locations, and we would love to opportunity to show you just how amazing our products really are.

    If you want the outside of your business to look well-manicured and inviting to employees and visitors alike, our synthetic turf gives off that vibe year-round. We will work within your business budget to design and install our landscaping turf and upgrade the beauty of your outdoor space. Take a look at some of these amazing commercial installations, it is easy to see why Grass!365 is the industry leader. We specialize in the following:

    • Multi-Family Housing
    • Vets Borders Dog Daycares
    • Senior Living
    • School Campuses
    • School Playgrounds
    • Resort Hotels
    • Restaurants
    • Athletic Turf
    • Roof, Decks, and Patios
    Backyard Putting Green Installation
    Backyard Putting Green Installation

    Golf Projects

    Golf shots in the backyard are not only possible, but Grass!365 has provided turf installation in Denver in backyards and in commercial properties since the late 1990’s. A Grass!365 golf green makes a great amenity for backyards, apartments, condominiums, and neighborhood clubhouses. Golf green installation requires custom design for both backyard and indoor putting greens depending on your tastes and needs. designing and installing backyard putting greens have continuously evolved over the course of our over four decades in business. Grass!365 Denver is known for creating synthetic grass putting greens that offer golf enthusiasts the opportunity to work on their short game in the comfort of home.

    Synthetic grass putting greens provide the perfect tool with which to streamline your short game, they also add beauty and value to any home.We specialize in the following:

    • Backyard Putting Greens
    • Driving Ranges
    • Chipping Areas
    • Par 3 Courses
    • Golf Courses


    • Safety Playground Surfacing
    • Superior Pet Systems
    • Recyclable Sports Fields
    • Golf Greens that hold shots
    • Synthetic Sod



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      Approximate Size of Desired Synthetic Grass Installation

      What kind of project budget could we expect to work with? (required)

      What is the target (or outcome) you are hoping to achieve with this project? (required)

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      Classic Residence has installed the Grass!365 putting green system in numerous Senior Housing communities. We are very pleased with the low-maintenance, appearance and playability of the system.

      Adrian Bolders, Hyatt Project Director

      Grass!365 installed an amazing new golf green and backyard lawn at our home. Our kids are in the yard all the time and the synthetic grass is amazing. The chips land and roll like they should and the putts roll perfectly. I would recommend this product and the IntelliTurf installation team to anyone. They guys were great. It has totally surpassed our expectations and made yard work a thing of the past!

      Kris , Happy Homeowner

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Does artificial grass require any maintenance?

      Artificial grass requires minimal maintenance, especially when compared to natural grass. We recommend a few tasks to keep turf looking its best! In the autumn, fallen leaves need to be removed from the surface of artificial grass using a leaf blower and NOT a rake (raking will break down the leaves and create organic matter between the blades of grass that permit weed growth). It may also be necessary to “brush up” your artificial grass occasionally, especially if we are coming out of a particularly brutal, icy winter or you use your yard for sports and athletic activities.

      Can I install artificial grass myself?

      Unless you have the necessary tools, equipment, and expertise, not to mention time, DIY synthetic turf installation is probably not the best idea. Hiring a professional synthetic turf installation company such as Grass!365 Denver will ensure that every part of the installation process is done the right way. Improper installation is one of the most common reasons that lead to problems with artificial turf. Therefore, it’s best to let a professional handle the job at hand.

      How many years will synthetic turf last?

      Grass!365 Turf will last 20 years or more when installed at a residence with regular yard use. The products we installed ten years ago are still going strong. Grass!365 Denver Turf has a limited 10-year warranty on our synthetic grasses.

      Is artificial turf good for dogs?

      Grass!365 artificial grass offers a unique component in regard to pet usage that our competitors do not. Our turf is completely permeable meaning dog waste will go right through. With the traditional hole-punched, urethane-backing artificial grass, waste has to find a hole to drain through after it enters the artificial grass. With Grass!365 artificial grass, dog waste doesn’t have to find a hole in the turf, the waste goes right through!

      In addition, Grass!365 Denver installs artificial grass dog areas with careful attention to the perimeter so that dogs can’t pull up the edges of the turf. Unlike natural grass, artificial grass won’t stain from urine or feces. When Envirofill® is used as an infill, odors, and hygiene are no longer an issue as long as the area is occasionally rained on or sprayed down with a hose.

      What does the installation process look like?

      Grass!365 Denver can transform your desired outdoor space with appealing, low-maintenance artificial grass. We start by taking detailed measurements of the space to get an idea of how much turf will be needed. Then, we clear all vegetation and debris from the area in which the turf will be installed. Our experts will properly prepare the space and then begin laying the artificial grass out and applying the infill. Lastly, we’ll ensure that all of the finishing touches are completed and that the artificial turf is closely inspected for quality.

      What is artificial grass?

      Artificial Grass goes by many different names: synthetic turf, synthetic grass, synthetic lawn, artificial turf, artificial lawn, astroturf, and fake grass. Artificial grass is constructed like carpet, using a similar manufacturing process. However, high-quality artificial grass is nothing like outdoor carpet!

      Modern artificial grass has two main components: fiber and backing. The fibers are the “blades of grass” and the backing is what holds the fibers in place. A third element is an infill (usually sand or treated sand). Infill adds weight to the artificial grass helping it to stay in place and also helps to keep the grass blades/fibers standing upright.