Colorado Homeowners Choose Artificial Grass for Their Families

For many households around Colorado, having a kid-friendly backyard is every parent’s dream. It’s important for parents to have a place for their kids to run around and get all the wiggles out. In fact, consumers spend over $350 million on outdoor toys each year to help encourage a love of the great outdoors. Trampolines and play structures are two of the most popular types of outdoor toys. These two outdoor features will undoubtedly turn any backyard into a fun kid zone, but it’s not the same without artificial turf.

No More Circles Of Dead Grass

Artificial turf plays a huge role in outdoor play areas for kids. For starters, if you have natural grass trampolines are known for leaving a big area of dead grass. The trampoline’s black coating acts as a solar barrier, preventing grass from growing in the absence of direct sunlight. As a result, it doesn’t take long for the area beneath the trampoline to become unsightly. There are a variety of inventive solutions to avoid this situation, such as placing the trampoline on a mulch or pine bed or utilizing gravel, but if you want a lovely, green lawn beneath your trampoline, there is only one option: artificial grass.

A Safer Fall

Another benefit of installing artificial turf in your kid’s play area is its safety factor. Kids like to be free spirits and when they’re jumping around accidents are prone to happen. Luckily, you don’t need to worry so much about the impact of a fall. Our turf absorbs a significant amount of the fall compared to other outdoor surfaces. You can also say goodbye to mud and grass stains on your kid’s clothing. With artificial turf, mud is never a problem even during the rainy seasons. 

Traditional Setup

Setting up your trampoline on top of artificial grass is the traditional setup. Some people question if this is safe. Yes, putting a trampoline on artificial grass should be fine as long as there are no sharp edges. Most trampolines have rounded bars for the legs which makes it safe for your turf. The bars may flatten the artificial grass blades, but with a stiff brushing, it should bounce again.

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