The secret? Beautiful turf from Grass!365-Denver.

“I just love pulling weeds!” said no one ever.

It’s the age-old struggle–keeping grass healthy and keeping weeds OUT.

What have been your strategies? 

  • Hours on your knees, weeding by hand?
  • Harsh chemicals?
  • Expensive lawn services?

No matter your weapon, weeds will always come back, bringing you sore backs, annoying allergies, and unsightly damage to your lawn.

No More Weeding, No More Chemicals

Instead of depending on hard labor or dangerous chemicals to get rid of the weeds in your lawn, it’s time to rethink your lawn altogether. Installing artificial turf stops weeds in their tracks. Today’s turf lawns are nothing like the short, stiff, scratchy turf you may think of. Instead, these lawns are soft, attractive, and most of all–weed free! With the weeds gone, you can save your back, protect your kids and pets, and enjoy a perfectly green, weed-free lawn all year long. 

Say Goodbye to Expensive Lawn Care Services

How many people are you paying to take care of your lawn? The list could go on and on.

  • The kid down the street who mows
  • The pest company who kills the bugs
  • The lawn care company who sprays the fertilizer
  • The landscaping company who edges
  • The sprinkler guys who fix your broken sprayers
  • The water guys who winterize your pipes

Leave the slow leak of money behind. After your initial installation, artificial turf gives you a virtually maintenance-free yard to enjoy–just blow off leaves in the fall and brush off any accumulated ice in the winter. No neighborhood entrepreneur required.

Eliminate Weeds Forever With Artificial Turf

While weeds spring back every year, once your artificial turf is installed, the weeds are gone…permanently. How? Unlike ineffective weed blocking fabric that sits directly on dirt, artificial turf has an extensive base of rock, pebbles, sand, and padding that sits beneath our thick woven backing. Not to mention the primary base is recycled concrete and simply does not have nutrients needed to grow anything. Thus, we DARE a weed to try to break through! Once installation is complete, the cycle of weeds is broken forever. 

A Beautifully Green Lawn That Lasts

In addition to eliminating weeds, artificial turf stays green every single day of the year. That means no dead spots from pets, no dry spots from ineffective watering, no holes left behind from giant weeds, and no brown, dormant blades in the winter. Just a beautiful green lawn that lasts through every season for years to come.

What Could Grass!365-Denver Do For Your Lawn?

With a variety of turf product options–from lawns to putting greens to pet turf–we’re sure to have the look and feel that’s right for your home or business. Just give us a call or fill out this form for a free quote and to learn how artificial turf could bring you years of weed-free bliss.