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Grass!365 Denver completed this beautiful, customized backyard putting green in Highlands Ranch, CO last month.   We were thrilled to have a fellow golf enthusiast to work with to complete this project for him.

This was a rather unique putting green project as it had nearly 2 feet of elevation changes from east to west, a foot of elevation changes south to north, and to make it even more interesting, a tree smack dab in the middle of it all!  Ideally, the yard should be sloped away from the house for drainage purposes.  However, as any good golfer knows, you can’t have every putt automatically end up in the fringe – at least not on purpose!  Consequently, the grade of this yard had to be carefully planned and brought much closer to a flat surface.  We still had that left to right and front to back break that made it slightly challenging but not ridiculous.  At the request of the customer, we built a small ridge to give it just another twist in reading those ten-foot putts.  Building a quality golf green, that is not a miniature golf course, not only takes expertise and attention to detail, but it also takes additional time and patience.

In addition to taking the time to deal with challenges and providing the customer with the exact golf green they envisioned, we take it another expert step further.  Almost all the synthetic greens we have seen built by other companies use a very short nap turf, like the turf you would see at a miniature golf “putt-putt” course that you take your kids to or where you may have had your second date.  Through our extensive experience (and love for golf) we have found using a taller turf (which is then filled with sand) allows the green to play much more like the actual greens on the course.  Isn’t that the goal – to get the most realistic experience possible in your own backyard?

Installing a backyard putting green shouldn’t be left up to your local landscape company or even guys with a little turf experience.  You need golf construction experts that not only know how a backyard putting green should look and play but have expertise installing the appropriate type of artificial grass. 

Trust the professionals at Grass!365 Denver for all your artificial turf needs – exceptional products, expertise, and customer service!

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