Artificial grass is an alternative on the rise among many homeowners. With its ability to remain presentable and healthy, it eliminates the need for around-the-clock maintenance that natural lawns often require.

That said, synthetic grass lawns still require some care to ensure they last the entire length of their intended lifespan. Below, we’ll explore some maintenance and care tips for synthetic grass that can maximize the life of your lawn and keep it looking fresh.

Consider Spot Cleaning To Remove Stains

You can think of a synthetic lawn like a carpet; the sooner you start to remove a stain, the easier its removal will be! Surprisingly, many products you would typically use to clean a stain inside your home are acceptable to utilize on synthetic grass.

For example, you can use standard household cleaners to remove paint spots, condiments, and coffee. When it comes to tougher patches of materials like motor oil or crayon, you’ll want to rely on special grease cleaners to lift and remove particles.

Replace High-Traffic Areas

As you enjoy your synthetic lawn, you’ll begin to notice high-traffic areas where your family and pets frequent. The good news is that wear and tear in these areas is relatively normal, and the best news is that you don’t have to sacrifice your lawn to repair small sections that exhibit wear!

One of our experts at Grass!365 Denver can help you replace high-traffic sections so that your lawn can appear brand new.

Don’t Forget To Brush Your Grass

While this may sound jarring to most, hear us out! Over the length of its lifespan, the tiny blades of grass that make up your lawn can wilt or become compressed. However, you can give your lawn a quick refresh by brushing it with a tool specifically designed for this material.

Brush compressed or matted fibers in the opposite direction to gain height and depth. Remember to use a brush with synthetic bristles to avoid damaging your lawn.

Remove Pet Waste

Synthetic lawns tend to include antimicrobial materials in their creation that support family and pet safety. However, this added detail doesn’t eliminate the need for pet waste removal! Remember to hose down surfaces regularly to get rid of pet urine.

It’s best to remove solid waste as soon as possible to avoid the development of residual odors further soiling the lawn.

While they are easier to look after, synthetic lawns still require a degree of maintenance to ensure their longevity and appearance. But with these four maintenance and care tips, you can keep synthetic grass looking lush and evergreen without a tireless commitment.

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